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The Ultimate Eaters®

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Price: $44.95
Item Number: 1064

The ULTIMATE Eaters® www.ultimateeaters.com

1 Gallon

Is a revolutionary product that actually eats hydrocarbons virtually transforming them into water and carbon dioxide, leaving behind “no hazardous waste”. The ULTIMATE Eaters® is an excellent product for surface cleaning and spills. It is NOT a degreaser, it actually TRANSFORMS OIL INTO pH7 WATER leacing no hazardous material. With a dilution rate of up to 20:1, this is a very cost effective way to get rid of oil & grease. The ULTIMATE Eaters®  is also a replacement for solvents and aqueous based parts washers. It contains no detergents, solvents or chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment. This is a completed safe and effective product to all types of bio-remediation including SOIL remediation and cleaning of areas contaminated with hydrocar.